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Uglymonkey Pro

Uglymonkey Pro

New product

  • Print Volume: 320X320X320mm
  • Heated Print Bed : Max 125 Degrees Celsius 
  • 2.8" Full Colour Touch Screen
  • Computer Free Printing via SD Card or USB Flashdisk
  • Print with ABS,PLA,Flexible TPU,PLA Plus, Super PLA, HIPS and many more filaments
  • 0.4m Nozzle (0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8 Available)
  • Metal Hotend max Temp 285 Degrees Celsius
  • 1.75mm Filament Used

More details

Discontinued this product has been replaced by the Uglymonkey Pro-S


More info

The Uglymonkey Pro 3D printer is aimed at the more professional market, or hobbyist that wants a professional grade 3d printer. With a max resolution of 20Microns layer height, you have a world of options to play around. The accuracy of the printer is 6.25micron in the X and Y position. Giving you super accurate prints.

Printer and printing properties

Assembly type

Pre-assembled Ready to print out the Box, Enclosed build area for better printing results

The Uglymonkey Pro is an out of the box experience and immediately ready to use, as it comes pre-assembled.

No need to play around with a DIY Kits.

Display Type

Uglymonkey Pro comes with a Full Colour TFT Touch Screen for a Computer free printing experience.

The Full Colour TFT Touch Screen gives you access to all the printer adjustments, even while the printer is printing you can go and adjust temperatures and flow rates.

Know what your Printer is up to with Live Temperature readings of the Hotend and Bed, the estimated time left for print to complete and many more functional settings.


The Uglymonkey Pro comes with a USB connection, This option is for the old school guys that want to print direct from the Computer.

We don't recommend this method as it can cause bad prints. That's why we added USB port for USB Flashdisks and a SD-Card Reader to print direct of the Memory cards.

A standard 16Gig Memory Card is supplied with every Uglymonkey 3D printer.

No more USB time outs or computers going to sleep and canceling your prints.

Layer Resolution

0.25 mm nozzle: 160 to 20 micron
0.40 mm nozzle: 260 to 20 micron
0.60 mm nozzle: 400 to 20 micron
0.80 mm nozzle: 600 to 20 micron
A micron is the measurement used to define the thickness of a 3D printed layer. 20 microns is 0.02 mm thick. 600 microns is 0.60 mm. Thinner layers are used for high detailed prints, thicker layers are great for fast prototypes.

Build plate

320x320x320mm build plate

Heated with removable Glass
30 °C to 125 °C heated glass build plate
Due to the 30 °C to 125 °C heated glass build plate you’re able to use a much larger selection of filaments for your prints.
To clean the plate simply open the clamps and remove the Glass.

Build plate leveling

Assisted leveling process
It’s really easy to level the build plate using the printer's assisted leveling process.
The print head automatically moves to the back of the build plate, after which the user turns the matching knob and uses a card to set the right height.
The print head will continue to the front left side, and then the front right side.
This process is repeated once, after that you'll have a perfectly leveled bed which will stay leveled for a really long time thanks to the sturdy build of the build plate.

Build Volume

The Uglymonkey Pro can print 320 X 320 X 320mm

That is 60% Larger than the average 3D printer out there.

3D Printer Footprint.

500x500x600mm with no filament spool holder installed. Small and can be installed on any standard table.

600x500x600mm with filament holder attached.

Print technology

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) This is the process of depositing layers of filament, one on top of the other, to build up shapes and models. Also known as additive manufacturing technology, it’s the process used by all Uglymonkey 3D printers.

Print head

Swappable nozzles are available
Thanks to the swappable nozzle, you can quickly switch between different nozzles.
The standard is 0.4 mm, but you also have the option to use a 0.25 mm nozzle for detailed prints or a 0.6 mm/0.8 mm for faster prints.
The cooling Fans ensure the airflow is aimed perfectly below the nozzle and equally from both sides, The  Sunon fans are more silent than ever.
The heater cartridge is now 40W which improves heat up times and print speeds.
The PTFE isolator is made from Stainless Steel, which has a longer life span.

Build speed

Calibrated to work optimally between 40 - 100 mm/s print speeds
0.25 nozzle: up to 12 mm³/s
0.40 nozzle: up to 22 mm³/s
0.60 nozzle: up to 26 mm³/s
0.80 nozzle: up to 28 mm³/s
The build speed relates to how fast the filament can be extruded through the hot end of the printer. The higher the mm³/s the greater the achievable print speed. Up to 24 mm³/s is industry-leading for a desktop 3D printer.

Print head travel speed

20 to 350 mm/s Travel Speed (Calibrated to work optimally between 40 - 100 mm/s print speeds)
Travel speed relates to how quickly the print head can move.
A higher speed means faster prints – at up to 300 mm/s the Uglymonkey V2.9.8 has one of the fastest printer heads around.

Feeder type

Uglymonkey Custom designed feeder for 1.75mm filament.
With a Geared feeder you have much better control on the feed rate of your filament. This means, more accuracy and better quality prints.
I geared feeder also creates more pressure for those exotic filaments
The Uglymonkey feeder is so well designed you can even print with flexible filament.

XYZ accuracy

With an amazing 6.25, 6.25, 5 microns accuracy
The more accurate the stepper motors within the printer, the greater degree of accuracy can be achieved with each print.
Our motors are engineered and tested to achieve the very highest accuracy and torque.

Nozzle diameter

Included Nozzle is 0.4mm (0.2,0.3,0.5, 0.6 and 0.8 mm nozzles are available)
You’re able to choose from a 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm nozzle diameter – this is the size of the hole that the filament comes through.
A smaller nozzle is best for high detailed prints, whereas a 0.8mm nozzle is used for fast prototypes as more filament can flow through the hole faster.

Nozzle temperature

170 °C to 285 °C With such a large a temperature range from 170 °C to 285 °C, you have greater flexibility as to which filaments you can print with.

Nozzle heat up time

On average around 90 seconds.
With an even more powerful 40W heater cartridge the Uglymonkey Pro nozzle heats up really fast allowing you to start printing in no time.
It also means that prints can be completed much faster as it can melt the plastic faster.

Build plate heat up time

Around 5 Minutes to 90 Degrees Celsius
The innovative heated print bed takes on average around 4 minutes to reach print ready temperature.
Once the print is complete and the bed has cooled, it’s really easy to remove your print.It also creates a smooth finish underneath each model.
We print on Glass as it is an easy to clean and to replace the product. No fancy PEI sheets or expensive replacement sheets. These are optional if you insist. But soon you will learn it’s not necessary. 
A lot of our machine have been send to remote areas across the world so we try to keep it simple for everyone even in remote areas.

Usable Materials

All Uglymonkey Pro 3D printers use a open filament system, this means you’re able to use any kind of filament to get precisely the finish you’re after.

When you combine different materials with different nozzles – the possibilities are endless. No need to play with filament that is chipped or one brand only.

You can purchase any available 3D printing material available.

Filament diameter

1.75 mm

When purchasing filaments for your Uglymonkey 3D printer, you must buy 1.75mm diameter filament – this is the optimal size for your Uglymonkey.

Supported materials

PLA, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PC, Nylon, TPU 95A, Semiflex, HIPS, Super PLA etc

Uglymonkey 3D printer gives you the freedom to choose whatever type of filament that suits your project.

The Uglymonkey 3D printer is optimized for all available PLA, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PC, Nylon and TPU 95A.

Filament recommendations

There is no filament recommendation, Use any available filament you choose.

If you are just starting with 3D printing we can recommend starting with a PLA filament.

PLA is easy to print with for a beginner.

On average a spool of filament purchased from Uglymonkey 3D printers is 1kg (1.25kg with packaging)

a Average PLA spool has about 330Meters of filament on it. So you can do a lot of printing.



Cura, Repetier, Simplify 3D, KISSlicer any Slicing programs you enjoy.

We supply Repetier with your Uglymonkey 3D printer and pre-configured settings.

Supported OS

Free on macOS, Windows and Linux Repeteir works seamlessly on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Supported file types

STL, OBJ and AMF An STL file is the most used file type for 3D printing.

Nearly any 3D modeling software program is able to create these files.

File transfer

Standalone 3D printing from SD card (included) Simply copy the .gcode file that Repetier created for you onto the supplied SD card and insert it into your Uglymonkey. No computer connection required during printing.

Operating ambient temperature

15 °C to 32 °C  Your Uglymonkey operates at its best at these temperatures.

Input Power

220- 240V

2Amps Max,

350 Watt max.


12 V DC, 36 Amps Max


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Uglymonkey Pro

Uglymonkey Pro

  • Print Volume: 320X320X320mm
  • Heated Print Bed : Max 125 Degrees Celsius 
  • 2.8" Full Colour Touch Screen
  • Computer Free Printing via SD Card or USB Flashdisk
  • Print with ABS,PLA,Flexible TPU,PLA Plus, Super PLA, HIPS and many more filaments
  • 0.4m Nozzle (0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8 Available)
  • Metal Hotend max Temp 285 Degrees Celsius
  • 1.75mm Filament Used

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