About us

Uglymonkey 3D printers

Uglymonkey 3D printers is a Proudly South African Brand and our store is located in Cape Town South Africa.

Uglymonkey prides ourselves on manufacturing Professional Quality 3D printers and strive to be the leading Brand of locally manufactured 3D printers in South Africa

Our Head office is Based in Cape Town South Africa. We are currently looking to expand to other corners of South Africa and anyone is welcome to contact us if you would like to distribute our 3D printers at your shops.

We are based in Cape Town South Africa, Uglymonkey 3D Printing a solutions to our clients requirements using 3d printers and laser cutting technology. We use locally manufactured professional 3d printing machines which can print your ideas in various ranges of colors and types of plastics. We also do laser cutting and engraving to your requirements.

We also distribute 3D printers and 3d printing accessories for all the reprap or custom 3d printer builds. If you a DIY person that enjoys tinkering and making your own products, then contact us so we can supply you with the required quality parts. Unfortunately we don’t do the cheap Chinese parts, because we believe in supplying quality long lasting parts to our clients.

Uglymonkey 3D Printing Service. 

In short Uglymonkey can manufacture and prototype any of your ideas or a part you want replaced. From appliance purposes to just making your own custom designed toys. You give us a 3d model of the desired part and we will quote you on printing it for you. If you do not have a 3d model we can create one for you at an additional cost. We will require the old parts so we can draft it on Professional Software. All files must either be a .STL file or a STEP file.

We also support the following files. OBJ, STL, ARM, DXF, Autocad Files, SLDPRT

Laser Cutting & Engraving.

Uglymonkey can lasercut any material up to a maximum thickness of 12mm and engrave just about any substrate. We normally need a DXF file or CDR file designed in a vector format. We can also engrave your favorite photos on a wine glass or beer glass. We also do custom wedding invitations and designs for your special day. Feel free to send us any special request and our Professional Lady by the name of Chantal will get back to you regarding your needs. Please note this is a sister company called Xplore Design.


What we aim for.

To be your 3d printing service of choice and to be a supplier for the average man in the street at very affordable prices.

  • To offer excellent high quality Service
  • To always be friendly, helpful and go 110% to help our clients meet their needs. 

Our Motto is .. 

If you can imagine it,

You can create (design) it,

you can make (print) it.

We will help you bring your ideas to life.

The world of 3d printing is rapidly changing the landscape of the industrial and engineering world and we decided to be part of that change. 

We have two 5 Uglymonkey 3D printers which we use for our 3d prints and prototyping. Our preferred material for printing is ABS, PLA and Super PLA Plastics. ABS is strong and used in everyday products . PLA is used for small prototypes with a clean gloss look and Super PLA for strong pressure resistant parts.

Uglymonkey printers can print in a vertical resolution of 0.25mm (250 Microns) all the way down to 0.02mm (20 Microns) and has a build space of 210mm Wide X 210mm Deep X 240mm High. That might not look like much, but we have had a lot of success by doing projects in multiple parts and assembling or gluing parts together depending on the type of prototype. 

Uglymonkey is very affordable with our rates and print costs. So give us a call and we will gladly work out a quote for you.

Please browse our website for more details on what we do and have a look at our past parts and 3d printers to get an idea if  we can meet your needs.