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Uglymonkey BuildTak adhesive surface

Uglymonkey BuildTak

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Uglymonkey BuildTak adhesive surface with 3M Tape

250 X 250 X 0.5mm

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Uglymonkey BuildTak is a adhesive surface inspired by the ever-popular "BuildTak" adhesion surface!

Uglymonkey BuildTak is a thin, durable plastic sheet that adheres to the print bed on 3D printers to provide an ideal surface for the first layer in 3D printing. It replaces the need for Blue Painters Tape , MAsking Tape, HAirspray and Kapton tape. Composed of high quality, heat-resistant raw materials, Uglymonkey BuildTak provides a stable build platform for 3D printed objects to adhere to while allowing for a clean, easy removal of completed builds. It creates an optimal bond between the 3D printed object and your build surface which in turn decreases the chance of lifting our warping of your print.

Uglymonkey BuildTak also comes with original 3M Double coated tissue tape to make sure your Uglymonkey BuildTak never comes loose. 

Uglymonkey BuildTak works with many different 3D printing filaments such as ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, WoodFil and even flexibles filaments. Besides the fact that you can use the same build surface for many different prints this build surface is extremely durable and can be reused many times before needing to be replaced and is also a lot easier to install the replacement than most other tapes and glues

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions

– 250 x 250mm

  • Thickness

– 0.5mm

  • Colour

– Black with White Logo

  • Materials

– BuildTak


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Uglymonkey BuildTak adhesive surface

Uglymonkey BuildTak adhesive surface

Uglymonkey BuildTak adhesive surface with 3M Tape

250 X 250 X 0.5mm

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